Symeonakis Foods

Welcome to Symeonakis Foods! This is the hub for all things food related that the team at Symeonakis Foods can help you with. Whether it’s catering for a wedding or an intimate home function, purchasing competitively priced wholesale produce and products for your shop, café or restaurant, or wanting to get your hands on some of Andy’s favourite products – you’re in the right place.

We are based in Sydney but a large part of our heart is in South Australia where we grew up, so we often cater for events in both locations and our products and produce are a combination of both NSW and SA influence.

Have a look around, familiarise yourself with all that we offer and we look forward to talking food with you soon!


Andy Symeonakis Boutique Catering is about getting back to a style of cooking that I love! This includes event based functions providing the food for someone’s special day or special event, both big and small, and giving them something that is high-quality yet affordable. It’s about real value for money and ensuring no-one ever goes hungry!

I have always enjoyed event-based cooking, so catering was a logical next step for me. My goal is to provide an amazing, high-quality food experience for people holding a function or a special event, and to do it at an affordable price. Having a function catered for does not have to blow the budget and you can still provide your guests with food that they’ll never forget. The great thing about having a vast network and access to amazing produce is that you can create a magical menu with just about any budget.

One of the advantages of being a mobile catering company is that we don’t hold stock, we don’t have a headquarters that we are paying rent for, and we don’t have set menus so while our costs are kept down this means yours will be too! We like to build your menu with you, ensuring you always get your favourites and we always get access to the freshest, local produce. There are plenty of catering suggestions and menus below, of different dishes that have worked for others, but keep in mind we pride ourselves on being flexible and creating a menu that is unique for you and your guests.


I started in the kitchen at age 12, working under my Dad at the Renmark Hotel in the Riverland, South Australia. After years of learning the ropes and regularly having nights of over 300 covers, I moved to Adelaide to continue to develop my skills. After a few years in Adelaide I was promoted to Head Chef, leading a team at the West Adelaide Football Club. I still got to experience the rush of large functions and sponsor dinners as well as develop my leadership and organisational skills. After a year in that role it was time to up the ante and I was off to Sydney. Moving to Sydney was quite a change, but having the opportunity to work with some very talented and passionate chefs and absolute A-grade produce at Kingsley’s Crab and Steakhouse has been an invaluable experience. Not to mention cooking for celebrities, sports legends and VIPs while enjoying a daily view of the stunning Woolloomooloo Wharf!

Along my food journey, someone who has been a constant inspiration to me and whose food I will always crave, is my Yiayia (Grandmother). Growing up with traditional Greek style cooking at Yiayia’s and admiring her ability to feed any number of guests, at any time, never ceased to amaze me. These experiences stick with you as a child, which I think is why as soon as someone walks in the door the first thing I think of is feeding them! I am forever grateful for her kind heart, her open door and of course her pumpkin pita.

So after growing up cooking in the Riverland with my Dad, leading a team as Head Chef in Adelaide and then experiencing the next level of food at renowned Kingsley’s Crab and Steakhouse in Sydney, I was still craving the entrepreneurial experience! And now Symeonakis Foods has brought this dream to a reality where I have the opportunity to not only cook, but create, and do so for people who are celebrating some of their most important milestones in life. As well as catering, I get to work closely with some farmers and suppliers, which is something else I’m very passionate about, promoting some of the amazing produce and products that the Riverland has to offer.